24October2014 [VIDEO] ENG SUB: Park Yuchun in BIFF 2014 Open Talk: “Birth of Actor, Park Yuchun”

Credit: DramaFever
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. I just adore the guy! His answers are so “him”. Sincere and generous with praises about JJ and Junsu .But humble about himself.

    I too think he is blessed with a unique voice. But I rate his 3 best assets as Voice, Smile and Eyelashes.

  2. Thanks for the eng subs.

    His confidence is overflowing day by day .. His ‘naturalness’ just made him so attractive.

    Can’ts wait to see him realize his future plans soon … Fighting Yoochunie and Saranghae ❤️

  3. I haven’t resurfaced from the Micky vat, but here I am falling all over again! How odd. Just how many times am I supposed to fall into that vat when I haven’t even gotten out of it? Sigh. What an exceptional man!

  4. @Chunworm, what’s inside the Micky vat ? Just don’t get drown in it. Even kids are known to drown in 6 inches of water.

    @JYJHeArts, you new here ? Welcome. Absolutely agree with your statement ” His ‘naturalness’ just made him so attractive.”.

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