17October2014 [NEWS] JYJ to make comeback with concert tour ahead of new solo album

restmb_jhidxmake.phpHallyu idol group JYJ will make a comeback with a concert tour ahead of releasing a new single album.

The group will hold “JYJ Japan Dome Tour” in major Japanese cities in Nov.-Dec., the agency said.

This is their third concert in Japan following “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” in 2006 and “The Return of the JYJ” in 2013.

Under the theme of “Ichigo Ichie,” which means “the only encounter in lifetime,” the concert tour will show fancier performances than before. The members will also reveal new charms as artists.


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  1. Overflowing with joy. JYJ Fighting. ❤

  2. This is great news. Too good to be true.
    But my secret dream is for Yu Chun to be in anther rom-com before he enters the military.

    • @6002mydream

      I think your secret dream (and mine) might just come true very soon haha. Yuchun himself said he has been looking at scripts after their Asian concerts. I hope he finds something that really impresses him. It doesn’t matter if he’ll have one or seven personalities, as long as I see him in a drama before he enlists. 😀

  3. Great news! Can international fans attend these tour concerts? I hope to go and attend their concerts since I missed their Asian tour.

  4. Why only a single?! Should have at least a mini album! I like their Japanese songs too!

  5. Congrats! JYJ good job…Get ready Japan!!!

  6. Congrats JYJ! Get ready Japan!!!!

  7. @Chunworm, I wish Cjes were more coherent in their public announcements. Yes, Yu Chun did mention after the recent JYJ Asian tour that for the rest of 2014 , he would concentrate on JYJ activities.That made me me hopeful that perhaps JYJ may come to Singapore , Malaysia or Manila.

    Then Cjes announced there won’t be anymore JYJ activities. Didn’t we read that?And now the new announcement on the Japan tour and album.

    I believe Yu Chun was being sincere when speaking to his fans and I hope the drama thingy happens soon.

  8. I’m happy that they’ve been very active this year, as solo artists and as a group.. i think 2014 is JYJ’s year.. they’re giving us so much to feast knowing anytime soon they will enlist..

    And yes… why just a single?? Hmmnn… why can’t it be a mini album??

    another drama for YuChun would be great too coz chunsas are craving for more of him..

    with much love..

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