15 Oct 2014 [PIC + INFO] Park Yuchun graces the cover of “KEJ” Magazine (November 2014 Issue)

[INFO] The issue will feature Yuchun’s Open Talk at BIFF 2014 and also JYJ’s solo concert at Gangnam K-POP Festival

 photo 713nu5Yx8kL.jpg

 photo ibr2VW24Ab3863.jpg

 photo iljiEhQnRpOm5.jpg

 photo i70tXwTCrjUNG.jpg

 photo iyc18VOqLHk20.jpg


 photo ibi3qVBgH5qGhE.jpg

 photo iJpzMoAJEjNfh.jpg

 photo ixvg8HlwxNXnp.jpg

 photo i5mhiDE5VLjZd.jpg

You can order the magazine at:
Amazon (JP) | Fujisan

Picture Credit: Amazon.co.jp

 Pic credit: _126002_ / Lynn_6002
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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