15 Oct 2014 [INFO] JYJ ranks 4th in the Singer category of the ‘2014 National Collegiate Awareness Survey’

Surveyed by Korea University newspaper,
the preferences for the Top ⑤ prominent/influential figure(s) – Singer

 photo 139940_27735_5627.jpg

1. IU
2. Big Bang
3. Park Hyo-shin
4. JYJ
5. Sung Si-kyung

Source: Daily UNN
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

JYJ3’s Note: This is WITHOUT having any broadcasting activities! ^^

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  1. I can only guess that the survey must be conducted amongst the younger crowd who is more hip than ajummas and ajusshis.

    Because it never fails to amuse me that well known veteran actors who co-star with Yu Chun in dramas/movie invariably confess that they “had no idea Yu Chun is so popular”.

    • Even they we’re banned for way too long they still ranks at number 4.. what more if they are free and be on national tv like the others and promote themselves?? Hhmmnn.. definitely number 1.. (“,)

      with much love..

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