13October2014[NEWS] Park Yoochun…a rookie who is nothing like a rookie


Do you think there’s the birth of a new rising star soaring up in the theatres for the 2/3 of 2014?

A noteworthy part of the 19th Busan International Film Festival is the safe arrival of a youth star as a movie actor. Choi Seung-hyun(Big Bang) and Im Siwan(ZE:A) were chosen as idols emerging in the movie world with success [last year], and has ended up being succeeded by ‘Sea Fog”s Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochun –who received attention as an actor in dramas ‘Sungkyungkwan Scandal’, ‘Rooftop Prince’, ‘Missing You’, and etc.– went through the rite of passage with his first screen debut in ‘Sea Fog’ which opened last August and was well-received. He stood out at a fact to reveal his presence while not yielding among prominent middle-aged actors –the likes of Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Sang-ho, Moon Sung-keun, etc.– as another character. He is becoming a subject of discussion as a leading candidate for the Male Rookie of the Year award in film festival(s) at the end of the year already.

The reason that the safe arrival of a successful screen for Park Yoochun can be encouraging is due to the activities for a male actor in his early 20s~30s are relatively feeble in Chungmuro. There is a thirsty Chungmuro for a young male actor prepared with acting abilities for a star performance, who is able to move forward in a leading role.

Note: Only parts related to Park Yoochun and Sea Fog were translated.

Source: OSEN via Daum
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3+ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. “He is becoming a subject of discussion as a leading candidate for the Male Rookie of the Year award in film festival(s) at the end of the year already.” – I like this. Looking forward to it.

  2. thank you admins for posting this news…

    I am so delighted knowing the people behind award giving bodies noticed PYC’s acting in Sea Fog.

    I think the people who have seen the movie saw an impressive performance from a “Rookie” movie actor
    that is why they said “He stood out….” —- it’s definitely a significant comment given for his role as Dongshik.

    Seafog is the first movie of PYC and I am really happy because of the positive response from the critics/media/award giving bodies from Korea and outside Korea…

    Congratulations to Seafog and Park Yuchun !!!! 🙂

    I am also looking forward to see him on the award shows at the end of the year… ❤

  3. I’m looking forward for YuChun’s nominations and awards too.. (“,)

    And Haemoo definitely deserves awards..

    with much love..

  4. I don’t care which award they give him this year end , whether for “3 days” or “Haemoo”, just give it to him. He deserves it. I am already very grieved that he didn’t win any award in the Baeksang this year. If he doesn’t get something for “3 days”, it will be the only drama where he doesn’t win any award. That will really break my heart.

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