08October2014[TRANS] Jung Yumi responded, “Park Yuchun’s love call? It’s Amazing He Knows Me”


On 3rd October in Haeundae, Busan at BIFF Village, during the open talk and interview, ‘Birth of An Actor, Park Yuchun’ when Park Yuchun was asked,

“Which female actor do you want to act with?” he responded, “Someone who is currently starring in a drama” pointing out Jung Yumi while giving the reason, “She has a gentle image and looks pretty.”

To this, Jung Yumi responded, “Thank you. I thought it’s amazing that he knows about me. When I first heard about it I was like, ‘He knows me?’ “

Note: Parts unrelated to Yuchun were omitted.

Credit to TV Daily

Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Well, it’s not only that he knows you. He wishes to act with you as well! Emm, which country did you save in your previous life again? Haha! Such a lucky girl eh.

  2. OMO !!!.. Chunnie’s talking about woman she like to work with. …. I’m kinda hurt =/ … but still, anything for YUCHUN ❤ .. I will accept , … but wait , why am I like this ,sad sad sad.. mixed emotion.. .. gosh.. I'm so jealous hihihi.

  3. thank you admins for posting this trans response of Jung Yumi…

    JYM must be a good actress that is why YC wants to work with her… aside from her beauty that YC noticed,
    there is something extra special about her… I do not know what it is, but the fact she was in YC’s mind… there must be something about her… and I am curious… hehehe…

    anyways, she is one very very lucky girl…. I am assuming we will see her with YC in the near future….

    she must be someone who saved a king or crown prince in her previous life, hahaha!
    that is why the crown Prince / King of this generation noticed her… hahaha! 🙂
    (YC as crown prince-thanks to RTP / YC as King-thanks to JYJ Return of The King)

    • I just belatedly found out that she’s the one who declined the role ‘Hongmae’ before it went to Han Yeri. So I’m kind of scratching my head now why she’s acting all surprised that Yuchun knows her. She already knows Yuchun knows her. They were supposed to act together, weren’t they? Just kind of odd, is what I think.

      • @CHUNworm,
        you got it right there! thanks for that….
        after YC mentioned her during the Open Talk, we got curious about her and now we discovered she is supposed to be Hongmae in Sea Fog… she declined the movie knowing her on-screen partner would be YC…
        and then she will respond “He Knows Me?”

        #whatever 🙂

        we will just wait if YC will do a tv/movie project with her in the future…
        if that happens… that would be OK… 🙂

  4. Jung Yumi-sshii Yes she knows you,she noticed you! In case you didn’t know that you are so lucky too!!! OMO!!! … Hurry! make a drama series with My Prince…HAHAHAHA

  5. @Chunworm, I am with you on this. I also read she would think carefully about the role if she were to be offered another chance with Yu Chun.

    You can reject once because you don’t know any better. But if you reject twice, er…. were you living under a rock when the world was celebrating a new actor that’s born in Chungmuro?

    I kinda like the policewoman actress in “3 days” who said she had always wanted to act with Yu Chun and was happy when she was offered the role in “3 days”.

    • Well, that policewoman obviously has taste haha! I’ve come across a Chunsa who likes her too because she’s not the type to play hard-to-get. As for Han Yeri, she said she would have willingly sold her house just to be in Haemoo. Awesome women. 🙂

  6. @Chunworm, I agree. The chemistry between Han Yeri and Yu Chun in Haemoo is better than what he had with the actresses in some of his dramas.

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