07October2014 [OTHER FACEBOOK] Yeonhee Shin’s Facebook Update: 2014 Gangnam K-Pop Festival with JYJ

Note: Yeonhee Shin is the Commissioner of Gangnam-gu


2014. Adorning Gangnam Fashion Festival’s finale, I was on Yeongdong-daero [street] in front of KEPCO amid a crowd of more than 40,000 people gathering for <Join with JYJ, Gangnam K-POP Festival>. It was great concert where a lot of residents with their families, foreign tourists and fanclub members mingled together, and were able to enjoy the quintessence of Republic of Korea’s K-POP. It had been even an unusual sight created, where thousands of Hallyu fans were on the sidewalks in front of KEPCO for 2 days and waiting for the concert to take place; to watch JYJ’s solo concert today. A lot of oveseas Hallyu fans had arrived to watch Hallyu star JYJ, including Chinese yorkers who searched for them[JYJ] in Gangnam for the long weekend of the China’s National Day. Singers JYJ had volunteered for the arts without an appearance fee for today’s concert and with the concert, donated to the Gangnam Welfare Foundation in the total full amount of the proceeds from the sales of their concert souvenirs and other items; and before the concert, they had helped deliver 6,500kg(14,000,000 won) of rice for the underprivileged in Gangnam-gu. Deepening the autumn night. Sincerely thanks all of you, singers JYJ for showing a great concert for Gangnam residents and participants of Hyundai Motors for sponsoring.

10610937_710114912410582_5321747626646190473_n 10701928_710114939077246_8716732277508009878_n 10603697_710114992410574_5535613650225762841_n 1970645_710115032410570_5051579530635818534_n 10155590_710115065743900_3747320902916507141_n 10150774_710115075743899_7698168217010601358_n 10696439_710115105743896_8675459122985586371_n 10622940_710115155743891_8092912636900226546_n 10703630_710115195743887_3803611722532024312_n 10653381_710115219077218_5757830266561530949_n 10649523_710115259077214_4849863491672532508_n 10411427_710115305743876_8603554177649751276_n 10660100_710115339077206_5303550942772302061_n 1385442_710115375743869_1347671665231100446_n 10609680_710115419077198_769731131340394526_n 1959792_710115445743862_2576163189789815617_n 10408640_710115472410526_5309465947384158584_n 10628516_710115555743851_3819040823878875203_nSource: Yeonhee Shin FB

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Am I in Yuchun Fanclub or JYJ fanclub? Why Yuchun’s photo is lesser than members?

    • Hi Li Ren, this is a fanclub of Park YuChun but we support JYJ too.. The photos posted were according to what were posted in the Facebook of YeonHee Shin, we did not post those photos as we like.. If you click on the source at the end of our post, it will direct you to the original post.. I hope this clears your confusion..

      Thank you.

    • Hi Li Ren!

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Though PYCSGFC is a fan club of Yuchun, we support and respect JYJ too, because aside from the fact that Yuchun is a part of it, JYJ is very important to Yuchun. Also, the members Junsu and Jaejoong are the people whom Yuchun holds close to his heart and values very much. So for PYCSGFC, whatever is important to Yuchun is important to us too… the same goes with JYJ. 🙂

      As for Yuchun’s photos in this post, in as much as we wanted to see and share more photos of Yuchun in whatever news article or event, it is something beyond our control. And usually, we just try to share to everyone here whatever photos and articles the source posted and shared too.The number of photos of Yuchun in a given article or in an event is not something we can dictate or have control over. Basically, PYCSGFC is just here to share everything that is related to Yuchun…even if he only appeared in one photo.

      Hope that helps… 🙂

  2. Why it means by my comment is awaiting for moderation? Did my comment against the policy or be offensive?

    • Hi Li Ren, every comment made by readers of our blog will moderate and approved accordingly by the admins of PYCSGFC to avoid misunderstandings or malicious comments.. Kindly be informed that all the admins here have our own jobs and we only come in during our free time .. So, sometimes if your comments did not appear immediately after you have commented, please bear with us.. I am sure we will approve it within the day.. Thank you for patience..

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