06October2014 [NEWS] Park Yoo Chun Talks Acting and Fashion at BIFF Village

abdiwi1tjdbrzhn37vaoikli1qq8utou[by Nawael Khelil] Park Yoo Chun was invited to share his feelings about his acting career at BIFF Village during the Busan International Film Festival.

‘The Birth of an Actor’ was the title of the corner that was given to Park Yoo Chun on October 3. The singer/actor filmed his first full-length movie this year and impressed both the national audience and the international critics in ‘Sea Fog’ (Shim Sung Bo, Bong Joon Ho). What he showed last Friday was not the top-idol-star side of him (he was in TVXQ and continues his singing career with JYJ) but a mature and honest young actor who is ambitious and down-to-earth.

Park debuted his acting career a few years ago with a role in a historical drama. His efforts led him to a few roles in regular TV projects, from playing a twisted character in ‘Rooftop Prince’ to playing the main character of ‘Three Days’, a zealous bodyguard that will search for the President after a third party attempted his assassination.n0zda54o2qkh8ks08jhlfrb07omofejtThe ‘Sea Fog’ opportunity changed his mind on acting. He now would like to focus on this career as it reflects his true personality. “I hope that I will be able to act for many years. With ‘Sea Fog’, I realized and learnt a lot of things. I feel like despite the mistakes I did, I have no regret. It’s a movie that helped me receiving acknowledgement as an actor.” Indeed, even Bong Joon Ho himself praised the new movie star, “Every time I hear about this, I can’t help but feel embarrassed. 5 years haven’t passed yet since I started to act, I can’t really consider myself as an actor so far.”

You never expect such humility from a K-pop star that already has Asia (eventually the World) screaming their name, but Park Yoo Chun is the kind of artist that sets up a line between his various careers, not taking for granted the audience’s love or success only because people like his songs. (photos by bntnewsDB)

Credit: BNT News UK

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  1. i love this humble & talented guy!

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