28September2014 [OTHER TWITTER] Kim JaeJoong tweets a photo of JYJ and expressing his love towards them


Ended lateㅜㅜ
Thank you to those who came, and father, mother, please be healthy for long~
Members, I love you~Byn6wQwCcAEFHWd 66875341jw1eksing2rw6j20g00sg76n 66875341jw1eksingzrtlj20sg0lcq50Source:  

Translated by: @shinkipeia

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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1 comment

  1. thank you for sharing this…

    I admire how JYJ expresses their love for each member in public! ^_^

    Enyla : ~ 유천아…사랑한다!!!
    (Yuchun-a, Saranghanda!!! – Yuchun, I love You!!!) ❤

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