23September2014 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at Incheon Airport with JYJ Heading to Thailand

  ByOQ5p_CUAAF8lt.jpg_large ByOQ67aCUAEHoLJ.jpg_large ByOQ284CAAA7P2j.jpg_large ByORRYMCYAA3109.jpg_large ByORSLDCIAAL3IN.jpg_largeByOTw6xCEAE1JRQ.jpg_large ByOTxA1CcAExYxQ.jpg_large
1-ByPNcNoCYAECNgb.jpg_large 1-ByPNcO0CcAAzZ2v.jpg_large 1-ByPNcOxCQAEArOK.jpg_large 1-ByPNcPJCMAA5T2z.jpg_large 1-ByPNT1eCEAAVyB6.jpg_large 1-ByPNTr2CUAIcoLz.jpg_large 1-ByPNTtLCcAAYKcU.jpg_large 1-ByPNTtxCUAAXaxY.jpg_large0923yc01 0923yc02 0923yc03 0923yc04 0923yc05 0923yc06 0923yc07 0923yc08 0923yc09 0923yc10 0923yc11 0923yc12
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  1. That hair! That hair! That hair! ohhh myyy!!!! who gonna say He is 29 or 28??? For me his a teenage boy Huh!!!…
    Chunnielicious is this your revenge? after Dongshik looks *sigh….

    I wanna kidnap him 😛

  2. @choylyn

    I will help you kidnap him… hahaha! joke only! 🙂

    hahaha! yeah, it’s only the HAIR! his appearance made all the Chunsas get crazy…
    he looks like a college student…. campus heartthrob/crush… like any girls will scream when he walks in the campus… in that case at the airport, he is causing commotion in all the SNS… hahaha!!!

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