22September2014 [TRANS] Questions by the Korean media at Press Conference for JYJ’s Concert in Shanghai ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

JYJ Shanghai Concert, “It is strange that we could complete the event neatly”
“It’s difficult now that we’re older”…The Boys’ Talks.

201409220839_41180008694985_1.jpg~original[Introduction omitted]

Q: You were in Shanghai in 2010 and you returned only 4 years after. What are your feelings?
Junsu: I am looking forward to our communication with fans.
Jaejoong: (After a long wait) Ah, yes! There is no need for interpretation for Korean reporters! (Normally during overseas concerts, the Korean artists will first say something and then the interpreter will relevantly interpret what was said.)

Q: What are your thoughts in standing on the stage of the opening ceremony of the Incheon Asian Games?
Jaejoong: Firstly, it has been a really long time since the 3 of us last appeared on national broadcasting. During President Park Geun-hye’s inauguration we appeared for like, 2 seconds? (laughs)
Yuchun: I wasn’t thinking about appearing on national broadcasting but as a concert. After coming down from the stage, the staffs all welled up in tears.
Jaejoong: “You appeared a lot! You guys appeared a lot on TV!” (laughs) [T/N: JJ was repeating what staffs said to them]
Yuchun: After the broadcast, we received congratulatory messages from our friends/acquaintances.

Q: Despite being the ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games, there was a reversal with regards to your appearance in the opening ceremony and you have seemed to have been through a lot.
Jaejoong: Of course, there were songs we could sing and wanted to sing but if there was a reverse in the situation I would be rather upset. In our 2 years as the goodwill ambassadors, we did performances overseas and worked hard so, if we were to be ultimately cut off during huge events, it will be upsetting.
Junsu: Previously, things were really shaky but now, these things have been taking place so frequently, we feel alright. Instead of that, we feel that it’s strange that we were able to complete the event so neatly. But because time after time we were called to national events, we don’t feel disappointed but instead, we feel thankful.

Q: What is the most worrying thing about this concert?
Yuchun: There’s this song composed by Junsu known as ‘Mission.’ The performance (of this song) is really challenging. I am worried whether we would be able to digest it now that we’ve grown older. If Junsu makes songs like this again, I worry about how we are supposed to do it. If this type of songs are not composed again, I would be very thankful towards Junsu.
Junsu: If JYJ were to release our third and fourth album, I shall compose Mission 2,3 and 4 (laughs). It’s literally like clearing missions! For as long as JYJ is able to do ‘kalgunmu’ [T/N: It’s a type of dance], we will show you through the song.

Q: The stage of the song titled ‘Thirty’ is great. Any concerns for injury….?
Yuchun: You are a reporter with a great sense of music! In the centre of all the reporters of South Korea, we have one with an outstanding musicality! (Park Yuchun personally wrote the lyrics of ‘Thirty’ and composed the song. It is his solo track).
Jaejoong: Junsu who’s next to me is saying, “Your sense of music is pretty weak.”

Q: Anyway, you have reached a certain age now so you must be concerned about injuries and physical management seems more difficult.
Junsu: The members keep getting rid of dance tracks from the list.
Jaejoong: I don’t. My body just can’t keep up.
Yuchun: It’s more difficult now, to be honest. But since Junsu always says, “Let’s go for dance tracks” so we will have to do so, right?
Junsu: I will continue doing solo dance tracks.
Jaejoong: My solo album was ‘rock’ so I could not dance.
Junsu: Kim Jaejoong-ssi definitely has one dance track in his album.
Jaejoong: Having just one (dance) track it’s uneven, isn’t it?
Junsu: So far, it’s not difficult because of age. Maybe it’s because Jaejoong-ssi is slow to recover from a hangover? (Laughs)
Yuchun: Last time, sleeping for only 2 hours is sufficient. But now, even sleeping for a day is not enough for him to recover. (laughs)

Q: Your management agency, CJeS now has four fine actors. Do the actors get along well together?
Junsu: Actually, not too long ago we attended a workshop in the company and it was quite frightening. Senior Seol Gyeong-gu, Kwak Do-won and Park Sung-woong were present. In the state where I was not able to watch the movie, ‘New World’…it was really intimidating because they are impressive actor but it turned out that they were very nice and warm (laughs).

Q: You have spent 5years on stage as JYJ. Please convey your thoughts.
Junsu: In fact, even now wherever I go, I have not been doing broadcasting activities as a celebrity. Everyone is surprised that I have not been on broadcasting for 5years. Though chances of our work shining through broadcasting is non-existent, even until now I find it amazing that there are local fans attending our concert. I don’t know how long our popularity will last but we think of doing our best until that time.

Source: Kukinews via Daum

Translations by: @yochwennie(1,2,3,4)

Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. This is a fun read.. they always make their interviews have a happy atmosphere.. i bet everyone enjoyed and had a great laugh during this interview.. (“,)

    Yes…. the reporter’s sense of music is great.. i also love “thirty” next to “dad, you there??” Oooohhhh.. then me and the reporter has great sense of music.. (“,)

    yah!!!! JunSu…. why are you bullying YuChun?? Hahaha.. (“,)

    With much love..

  2. Q: The stage of the song titled ‘Thirty’ is great. Any concerns for injury….?

    Can anyone help me please, I don’t quite get what this means “Any concerns for injury?” in connection to Thirty.

    But that reporter is right, THIRTY IS GREAT! I listen to 3 versions everyday, the studio version, Seoul concert, and Chengdu concert version.

    By the way, is Yuchun getting taller? He seems the tallest of the three now hehe. I know he’s getting more handsome, if that’s even possible. Either that, or I’m getting more besotted with that boy haha!

  3. @Abbie, next to me, your sense of music is not bad , considering I also love “Thirty ” and “Dad, you there?” . And next to you, Chunworm is not bad, and next to Chunworm, Lynchoy is not bad…..and so the list goes on. Ha ha ! You know, we are just a bunch of Yu Chun biased fans who love his composition skills.

  4. I am also confused with that part – “any concerns for injury”

    because we do really love all Yuchun composed songs right?…. hehehe!
    So if Yuchun will say it again – “You are a Chunsa with a great sense of music”
    daebak! ^_^

  5. THIRTY – Yuchun: You are a reporter with a great sense of music! – absolutely Oppa hehe…But I like “Mission” so much…because you dance it manly and sexy…. 😥 😥 😥

    I like how you dance,how you sing, how you dressed, how you talk even how you breathed… Ohhhh noooooo I’m lost!!!!

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