21September2014[OTHER FACEBOOK] KPOPCON: JYJ for 2014 Gangnam Hallyu Festival

14959_391317287689134_951664128881179232_n 1619110_391317374355792_5591684395917292044_n 10250340_391317421022454_5059581640095594975_n 10414910_391317361022460_1101023877199813206_n 10431695_391317434355786_5575489265333727_n 10628285_391317417689121_4862227256147753157_n 10646823_391317401022456_3521295041110004187_n 10649692_391317451022451_2863565333517136218_n 10689660_391317394355790_3331288907117716125_nCredit: KPOPCON Facebook
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. wow! Good morning Chunsas!
    Good morning Yuchun!
    thank you admins for sharing these pics…

    Yuchun looks good in casual clothes especially wearing shorts… and it’s so nice seeing Yuchun’s smile…
    A Beautiful day starts with Park Yuchun smile…. ❤
    aigoooooo!!! hahaha!

    • @enyla… i love him wearing shorts too.. he seemed relaxed and he’s looking fresh… (“,)

      His smile can make any dull day a bright one.. i think the world needs more of his smile and i bet no one will ever frown coz his smile is contagious.. (“,)

      with much love..

  2. @abbie.gaile

    Yuchun looks younger too when he is wearing shorts,
    yes, I totally agree with you, his smile can change one’s mood,
    it’s like brighter than the sun, He is shining/glowing with positive energy that it’s really contagious…
    I really love Yuchun’s smile ❤ His smile makes my heart beat so fast too… hahaha!!!

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