21 Sept 2014 [HQ PICS] JYJ’s Concert in Shanghai ‘RETURN OF THE KING’ – Park Yuchun

 photo JYJ_Nameless_02.jpg

 photo JYJ_Nameless_07.jpg

 photo mjjeje_11.jpg

 photo mjjeje_10.jpg

 photo mjjeje_09.jpg

 photo mjjeje_01.jpg

 photo mjjeje_02.jpg

 photo mjjeje_03.jpg

 photo mjjeje_04.jpg

 photo mjjeje_05.jpg

 photo mjjeje_06.jpg

 photo mjjeje_07.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_01.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_02.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_03.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_04.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_05.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_06.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_07.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_08.jpg

 photo 6002KITKIT_09.jpg

 photo iixiah_09.jpg

 photo iixiah_10.jpg

 photo iixiah_11.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_01.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_02.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_03.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_04.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_05.jpg

 photo LONIYAPARK_06.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_01.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_02.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_03.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_04.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_05.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_06.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_07.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_08.jpg

 photo IrisK_LeChapeauDesM_09.jpg

 photo junsuchun_06.jpg

 photo junsuchun_07.jpg

 photo junsuchun_08.jpg

 photo junsuchun_09.jpg

 photo 6c9ecedbgw1ekjcbjxx2rj20rs0gxwlo.jpg

 photo 6c9ecedbgw1ekjcblvkm8j20ij0rsdmo.jpg

 photo 6700611B6734840C840C_06.jpg

 photo 6700611B6734840C840C_02.jpg

 photo 6700611B6734840C840C_03.jpg

 photo 6700611B6734840C840C_04.jpg

 photo 6700611B6734840C840C_05.jpg

Credits: As tagged + JYJ_Nameless + mjjeje + 6002KITKIT + iixiah + LONIYAPARK + IrisK_LeChapeauDesM + junsuchun + 丁振杰 + 最愛朴萌萌
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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1 comment

  1. waaaaaaaaahhhh!!! thank you for these pics!
    Yuchun-a, why are you sooooooooo gorgeous?
    Chunface, Chulips, Cuteness oveload (Gwiyomi), Sexy body, handsome man, total heartthrob,
    magnetic sex appeal, Killer Smile, that tantalizing eyes!

    why are you doing this to me????
    “Spazzing Yuchun anytime of the day just felt right because every part of Yuchun’s body is Chunnielicious!”

    I am sorry….

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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