16September2014 [JYJ LINE] Yuchun Gave His Thanks for the Opening of the Second Library in Heuksan-myeon

흑산면 두번째 도서관 너무 감사합니다
저도 꼭 가보고싶네요. ^^
Thank you very much for opening the second library in Heuksan-myeon. I would surely love to visit too. ^^
^^ 많은 분들을 위해 숨은 자리에서
노력해주시는 분들 그 마음과 응원
느껴집니다 ^^정말 고마워요
^^ I can feel your affection and cheers through your efforts towards many people even in hidden places ^^ Thank you very much
Source: JYJ Line
Translations by: @yochwennie
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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1 comment

  1. thanks for this….
    I really appreciate every translations you are giving us…
    정말 고마워요 – Thank You very much!

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