16Sept2014 [NEWS] Fans Open Up Another JYJ Park Yoo Chun Library

Fans of JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun have opened up a second library.

In celebration of the fourth year of Park Yoo Chun′s fan community, ′Blessing Yu Chun,′ fans gathered together to participate in this good deed.

Established in September of 2010, ′Blessing Yu Chun,′ a fan community consisting of fans in their 30s, has been continuously volunteering and doing good works to support its star.

Four years ago, the fan community began by donating 10,000,000 won to Park Hyun Bin, a burned victim, for surgery, before continuing with helping children suffering from cancer, low income families by providing food and heating bills, child community centers with free lunch fees, the elderly by donating brisquette coals and more.

In 2013, the members of ′Blessing Yu Chun′ donated 5,000,000 won to children of multicultural families in Sinan, as well as created the ′1st Park Yoo Chun Library′ with 8,800 books.75921002Without fail, in time for its fourth anniversary, the members donated 10,000 won and 6,600 books in Heuksando of the Sinan area to create the ′2nd Park Yoo Chul Library.” The library will be used diversely in Heuksando.

The library will be used as a place to read books, study, and even a home theater with a beam projector for the children, who are growing up without movie theaters.

For the past four years, ′Blessing Yu Chun′ members have donated about 150 million won to help the needy. Using their love for a star to do good, the members have become the model example of fan culture. More than anything, the group has constantly interest and relationships with the people they′ve once worked with, continuing good deeds throughout.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun is currently on the 2014 JYJ Asia Tour ′The Return of the King and will hold the seventh concert on the tour on September 20 in Shanghai.

Photo Credit: Blessing Yu Chun

Source: Mwave

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  1. Blessing Yuchun; you are truly blessings to Yuchun and his fans…
    Saranghae ❤

  2. Park Yuchun is such a wonderful man, and also his fans, especially Blessing Yuchun FC..
    They are really generous like Park Yuchun… I admire the members of Blessing Yuchun FC..
    They show their love for Yuchun by doing charity works…. They are such amazing people….

  3. I am moved to tears by such fans. Isn’t it amazing that in 2010 when Yu Chun was only 24 years old, he attracted older noona and ajumma fans to do good in his name instead of just being star struck fans who only worship their idols?

    I think it says a lot about the kind of character Yu Chun is as these are matured, discerning people, not given to frivolous fantasy. It’s easier to just shower gifts on Yu Chun than to work consistently to look out for the underprivileged and give back to society in his honour. I am sure he must be very happy to lend his name so others can benefit.

    Bless you, Yu Chun. And bless you, dear fans of Blessing Yu Chun Club.

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