15September2014 [VIDEO+CAPS] Park Yuchun and Qi Wei for Copyright Protection FAIR PLAY campaign

web_3732331833_b5df46d9web_3732331833_6bf77fffweb_3732331833_7abd7aecweb_3732331833_d8b7af48webSource: SBS
Video Credit: spica51244
Caps Credit: DC PYC
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. He is not merely handsome, is he? There is something in those eyes that goes directly to your knees.

  2. @Chunworm , eversince the day that photo of him lying sideways appeared, I think I have twisted my neck. I kept tilting my head left at 90 degrees so that his face and mine are in the same lying position and I can just stare into those eyes and those lips slightly parted……sigh. For so long……. I think time stood still.

    Why did God give him that smile? It goes around killing chunsas.

  3. I have no other words to describe this man!…the gentle look in his eyes and his smile is a killer!.. Park Yoochun…You are manly, sexy, cute, adorable, hot all at once!.. Did I miss anything else?..
    May God bless you always!

  4. @Beanie, you look new here. Welcome.
    I think the English alphabet alone is inadequate to describe Yu Chun.
    A- Adonis , B – Beautiful smile, C- Charismatic etc. Only 26 words ?

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