12 Sept 2014 [News] C-JeS Clears Up Misunderstanding Regarding JYJ Press Boycott in Taiwan

C-JeS Entertainment explained the details concerning the recent Taiwanese press boycott on JYJ.

On September 12, one news outlet stated, citing a local news platform, that on September 11, the press boycotted JYJ′s press conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

During a phone call with Newsen on September 12, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “It is true that there was an issue with a hasty statement made by the Taiwanese emcee hired by the local promoter. However, the issue has been smoothly resolved and and wrapped up well.”


According to the agency, during the Q&A time with JYJ, the emcee stated, “Please don′t take pictures during the interview since the flash is too bright and hurts [JYJ′s] eyes.” About 6 to 7 photographers left the room, boycotting the event and saying they cannot work like this.

However, the emcee apologized for making a hasty comment and asked the photographers to continue with the photo time, and the photo time took place smoothly according to the agency rep. The rep also revealed that the report that stated around 50 reporters boycotted the press conference was false.

Meanwhile, JYJ continued its Asia tour in Taiwan at the Taipei world Trade Center on September 11.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Source: Mwave

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC


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