02Sept2014 [INFO] Directions to Park Yuchun Cherry Blossom Road

Dear Chunsas, one of the admins of PYCSGFC went to Park Yuchun Cherry Blossom Road in August. With limited information, admin was able to find the place without much difficulties. To make it easier for PYCSGFC’s readers, admin has decided to write out the direction for your future reference if you are trying to go there by subway.

From the map below, as you can see, it is just a straight journey ahead once you get off from the subway until Cherry Blossom Road. It will take you about 20-30 minutes to reach your destination by walking.

cherry1Pic cr: As tagged

1. Alight from Jakjeon Station on Line 1 of Incheon Subway and search for Exit 2. Just keep walking straight after you are out from Exit 2.

12. As you continue walking, you will encounter some of the buildings as seen below. 2 33. You will reach an intersection after awhile. Just cross the road as indicated below and continue walking straight at the same direction.44. Keep walking straight and you will pass by these places.5675. Then, you will reach the second intersection. Just cross the road and continue walking straight in the same direction.896. After walking down the path after you crossed the intersection, you will see “emart” on your left and you know you are already half way through. Just keep on walking straight.1012 137. When you reach the third intersection, you will see a church/cathedral as circled in the picture below. Just turn right before the church/cathedral and walk towards it. 14 15 168. Turn right after you crossed the bridge and walked down immediately to the pedestrian path after turning right. 17 189. Walk through the bridge and you will see another bridge ahead of you. Park YuChun Cherry Blossom Road lies within that bridge. You are finally there! 19 20 2110. You can take the same route back to the subway station from the direction you came. Enjoy your time there Chunsas!22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. i wish i could meet Yoochun at cherry blossom road by chance one day! ^^

  2. I was imagining just that haha! But I’m not choosy, it doesn’t have to be at Cherry Blossom Road. Any old road will do for me haha, as long as I meet Park Yuchun. 😀

    I was thinking this road was maybe sort of like the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. I Googled it just now and found out why there is such a road built in Park Yuchun’s name. It’s even more meaningful than I originally thought. So meeting him in that place unexpectedly would be totally overwhelming, not to say miraculous.

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