30August2014 [PRESS PICS] JYJ “Return of the King” Concert in Vietnam by YAN News

y1-20140831-1252-14 y2-20140831-1256-30 y3-20140831-1258-26 y4-20140831-1258-25 y5-20140831-1258-24 y6-20140831-0100-29 y7-20140831-0100-7 y8-20140831-0101-22 y9-20140831-0101-11 y10-20140831-0101-20y11-20140831-0101-19 y12-20140831-0101-8 y13-20140831-0101-6 y14-20140831-0101-27 y15-20140831-0102-10 y16-20140831-0102-15 y17-20140831-0102-12 y18-20140831-0102-9 y19-20140831-0102-4 y20-20140831-0102-16y21-20140831-0102-5 y22-20140831-0102-23 y23-20140831-0102-28 y24-20140831-0103-21 y25-20140831-0103-18 y26-20140831-0103-17 y27-20140831-0106-13Credit: YAN News
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. Vietnam fans were really lucky because JYJ performed in their country.. the rain added more special memories and it became really special… JYJ singing and dancing in the rain…. that was really amazing…

    JYJ looks hot and sexy for me (especially Yoochun) seeing them wet from the rain… ^_^

    thank you for sharing these pics…

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