30August2014 [TRANS] Short Interview with JYJ and Phở Đặc Biệt of Yeah1 TV

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PĐB: This’s the fourth time you’ve come to Viet Nam and the second time you came in Ho Chi Minh city. What do you think about Viet Nam, the fans and also the Vietnamese food….?

Jae Joong: We’ve visited Viet Nam 4 times, my personal thought for Viet Nam really nice, especially the night scene is totally beautiful. Regarding the Vietnamese food, we’ve been tasted some kind of them in Korea, we really like Pho. Hopefully this time we will have chance to try more the traditional Vietnamese food.

PĐB: Can you say “We love Viet Nam” by Vietnamese? And what kind of the phrase you want to learn, would you like to share with Yeah 1, we can help you, after that can you tell to all the fans who also watching TV?

JYJ: I feel Vietnamese is really difficult to learn, there’re lots of accent, even one word has 6 syllable, so we’ll try the best to send the greeting by Vietnamese to all our fans.

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PĐB: In Viet Nam, the fans hardly have chance to take part in the real concert. So the JYJ concert this time is huge meaning for the fans and is it also your promise to all Vietnamese fans?

Jae Joong: Fortunately, I had a fan meeting with Vietnamese fans in 2 years ago. I’d promised them that I would comeback to Viet Nam in the future. With the project The Return Of The King has just begun, we chose Viet Nam is one of the 1st destination for our Asia tour in the year of 2014.

PĐB: Would you like to talk more about the solo songs in this album?

Jae Joong: Before I recorded solo song in Just Us, I had dream about Angelina Jolie, I was flying with her, that’s why I have passion to compose the song also it’s a inspiration from the Brad Pitt’s interview.

Junsu: My song is 7 years old, it’s the innocent love that everyone always dream about.

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Source: Yeah1
Translations by: @KJSsmile_VN
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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