29August2014[PRESS PICS] Venue+stage before JYJ “THE RETURN OF THE KING” concert in Quan Khu 7 stadium Vietnam

6a029e11gw1ejtlq1axu0j20g40ar425 6a029e11gw1ejtlq2j2i0j20g40ar779 6a029e11gw1ejtlq3or7bj20g40arn06 6a029e11gw1ejtlq4si3bj20g40ar0x4 6a029e11gw1ejtlq5bnspj20g40c3q6m 6a029e11gw1ejtlq5xe6wj20g40c3tc7 6a029e11gw1ejtlq20lxnj20g40ardim 6a029e11gw1ejtlq35rikj20g40ar0w0 6a029e11gw1ejtlq49m67j20g40ar79b 15256_827158653982825_7605480041885254682_n

Credit to kenh14.vn

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Jyj vietnam are amazing 🙂

  2. @graymando6, I agree. I hope they had a sell out of the concert.

    I wish Cjes would bring JYJ to Singapore one day. Even if it’s after their military , please bring them as there are already facilities that can cater to huge crowds.

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