27August2014 [TRANS] Kim Yoon-seok & Kim Sang-ho mentions Yoochun in their interviews


Q. How was maknae Park Yoochun in his scenes?

A. He acted to expose his bare skin. He didn’t have any difficulty [with it] at all. He deserves getting praised for that kind of courage. It is his debut work in a movie and he completely exposed his bare skin. He has the aptitude for acting.


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-Singer-cum-actor Park Yoochun had his first debut onscreen with ‘Sea Fog’. The idol-turned-actor had set out as the movie’s protagonist, evaluate his acting as a sunbae(/senior)

“I discovered friends called idol-turned-actor lately starring a lot in whether movies or dramas, etc.. I don’t think this current situation is bad, sometime ago. I’m envious of the ways they rather dance well and are good at acting as well. For the instance like Yoochunnie, I thought his learning abilities are quick. It was much easier [for him] to accept what was written in scenarios. He was full of senses too. He must have been born with these components, I think it is innate for Yoochunnie. I’m looking forward to the acting he’ll put forth in his next piece of work.”

Sources: SBSfunE + News1
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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