27August2014 [Movie Point] The Greatest Scenes and Lines in the Film ‘Sea Fog’ (Spoiler Included)


 (Spoiler Included)

#1. “This is the first class!” – Engine room was the first class of the ship ‘Jeonjin.’ 

Engine room is the heart of Ship ‘Jeonjin’ and the place where ‘Hong-mae’ and Dong-sik’ fall in love.

Dong-sik’ brings ‘Hong-mae’ who tries to hide from a fishery patrol ship to the engine room. He handed a blanket, a pillow, and napkins to her. Then, he said in Chungcheong accent, “This is good place~. I will make a bed for you, then this place becomes the first class of this ship~. You just take a rest here~.“

0561Dong-sik’ also said to ‘Hong-mae’ who gobbles up Bbanggamae (It refers to ramen noodles. Crewmen call it  ‘Bbanggamae’ in Korea.) that Dong-sik’ made for her, “Actually, original Bbanggamae is all about seafood. You should put crabs, sea squirt, octopus, sea cucumber, and oyster in order to make original one. You also put hot red pepper to make it tastes better. That is the real and original Bbanggamae of crewmen. You know what I mean?”


#2.”Sea fog is gently coming.”

The scene the section chief of maritime police ‘Chief Kim’ looks through the ship ‘Jeonjin’ after he finds out something fishy is going on in the ship arguing with captain ‘Kang’ maximizes the feeling of tension in this movie.

In addition, line of ‘Chief Kim’ saying “Sea fog is gently coming. I will see you guys on land.” is chosen as one of the greatest lines in the movie since this line was used as a foreshadow of unexpected accident that happened to the crewmen.


#3.“Haven’t you ever gotten on an Airplane? They provide this as soon as passengers get on the plane.”

The line that Kyung-goo(Yoo Seung-mok) says to Chang-wook(Lee Hee-jun) while he gives out cup noodles to stowaway made audiences burst into laughter.

When Chang-wook asks Kyung-goo, “Are you giving them out already?” Kyung-goo(Yoo Seung-mok) answered, “Haven’t you ever gotten on an Airplane? They provide this as soon as passengers get on the plane” giving out cup noodles to stowaway who just got on the ship ‘Jeonjin.’

Meanwhile, the film ‘Sea Fog’ showing remarkable acting has already attracted a million audiences.

Source: getitk
 Written by Han Jihee, Photography by NEW, Translated by Park Kayla
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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