22August2014[TRANS] Excerpt of Interview from Press Conference for 2014 JYJ Concert in Beijing ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

Park Yuchun: “I want to meet JYJ again if I am born again… Proud to be in one team”

Park Yuchun: I always ask the members, ‘Was it our fate to meet each other?”

Park Yuchun: Being a member with them is a huge blessing for me

When question about maintaining energy, Kim Junsu: The members do mostly the same. Nothing special, but we try to sleep more. Sleep is the cure of all disease.

Park Yuchun: I get strength from watching Jaejoong hyung’s drama and Junsu’s musical. I’m doing activities with the strength I got from that right now

Kim Jaejoong: I feel grateful that Yuchun and Junsu are looking out for me in everything I do. I’m gathering energy from the members’ affectionimage_readtop_2014_1124668_14086939141493229

“Hope to meet again if we are reborn… So proud we are one..” by Yuchun

“As a member of JYJ, I’m so happy and proud of them(JJ, YC) because they are very good singer turned actors who have been well regarded” by Junsu

“I could naturally hear the praises about them from other people around us first. I’m also proud of how good they do..” by Jaejoong

“I sometimes ask them ‘Would we have the destiny to meet just like this?’. I hope we can meet again if we are reborn. When they released their solo album, they had different style and genre but I think their albums don’t suffer by comparison with albums released in Hollywood. I think I’m a lucky guy because I can be with them as a member.” by Yuchun

Source by MBN via Daum

Translated by ohmyjunsu+theyoungestmin

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Yupp..all jyj member are no matter what there are doing expcialy yoo chun

  2. I hope 3 off them ..will be together for long time ..coz there are truly brothers and care fot each other

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