22August2014[PRESS PICS] Yuchun at Gimpo Airport heading to Beijing

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  1. He looked great today.

  2. thank you for these photos… Yoochun is really attractive….
    I can’t take my eyes on Yoochun’s lips…..

  3. @CHUNworm
    Hi ! thanks for the warm welcome! that’s right, I am now one of the victims of Yoochun’s lips… so it is called Chulips?
    hahaha! I only learned the Chunfaces recently… and now Chulips! wow! thanks Chunworm! ^_^

    • Haha, no I just call them Chulips. I’m likening them to red Tulips, which means perfect love or a promise of paradise. Haha here I go again! But they are rather perfect, aren’t they? And looking at them you get a glimpse of paradise, right? Okay, I dare anyone to contradict me. Haha! 😀

      • @CHUNworm, I definitely agree with you… you described Yuchun’s lips perfectly… Paradise it is! No contradictions about that…. hahaha! ^_^ …..
        thank you for telling me about Chulips…
        I am enjoying every bit of things about Yuchun here in PYCSGFC….
        also the Chunsas here were really kind and warm people just like Yuchun…. It’s nice to meet you CHUNworm!

  4. ROFL ! Now we see @ Chunworm leading a new pack of Chulips worshippers !! I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂

    @Enyla , soon you will be qualified to name any part of Yu Chun’s anatomy on your own terms. And nobody will dare to defy you. Do you know someone here also admires Yu Chun’s ” non-butt” ?

    • @6002mydream

      Hi, nice to meet you 6002mydream, thanks for your warm welcome! Hahaha! I love your comment here! – leading a new pack of Chulips worshippers!!!

      ok so I am now one of the Chulips worshipper! hahaha! I love it anyways….

      I will be glad to name any part of Yuchun’s body on my own terms, hopefully soon… hahaha!

      Who is that Chunsa who admires Yuchun’s “non-butt” ? I have a long way to go regarding Yuchun’s body parts… hahaha! I would love to have one-on-one lesson with any Chunsas here and teach me more about Yuchun hahaha!
      I will treat her a cup of coffee and cake at Hollys Coffee (Rooftop Prince scene) or Caffe Bene (Miss Ripley scene) but only the branch here in Manila, Oh by the way, I am a Filipina…. ^_^

      It’s nice to meet international Chunsas here…
      I am happy talking to you @CHUNworm and @6002mydream here in PYCSGFC….
      I am also thankful to bestsmile514 for her warm welcome….

      I guess there were lots of fans here from the Philippines too?

      If I remember it right, I have read somewhere here that 6002mydream is from Singapore,
      CHUNworm, Seasidewanderer, Bestsmile514, abbie.gale, bestdoc is from the Philippines too…

  5. I have read that most of the admins here at PYCSGFC have actually met Yuchun… I am very happy for them…
    They are very lucky and of course they deserve that moment to be with Yuchun….

    I am wondering @CHUNworm @6002mydream Have you seen Yuchun too? have you attended concerts or fan meetings?

    How I wish I could see him too even from a distance… He is going to the military soon… and there’s little time left… JYJ/Yuchun is very busy this year…

    I am also wondering why JYJ did not include Philippines in their world tour? reading some fan sites, there were lots of fans here of DBSK and they continue to be fans of JYJ… and Yuchun is also popular here because of his dramas…
    why does almost all the popular KPOP group / Korean Solo artist have been to Manila and not JYJ?

    I do not know much about JYJ and Yuchun so there are lots of questions in my mind right now…

    anyways…. I am glad that Miss Ripley is airing here, even if dubbed I can see Yuchun on local TV,
    hearing – the empty space for you – every week nights, I am glad ABS-CBN used PYC’s song in the OBB…
    I think later, tonight, it will be the Serenade scene – Yoohyun’s proposal….
    waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! 🙂

    • Hi there @enyla… i’m still hoping that they will visit the philippines too if not soon even after military…

      by the way, we attended their concert in HK.. we saw JYJ especially YC perform live.. but we are far from the stage but it doesn’t matter anymore right?? Just being under the same roof with him is enough, for now, coz i’m still hoping to see him super upclose.. (“,)

      Oohh…. i went with some chunsa friends here and met them for the 1st time in HK.. we had lots of fun.. i wish we could meet too sometime..

      with much love..

      • @abbie.gaile

        thank you for your response.
        I am so happy for you and the other Chunsas you have met and watched JYJ’s concert! I saw your fan account last night after you have just answered my question regarding who among here have seen Yuchun…
        I am just overwhelmed with too much Yuchun in my system right now… last night’s episode of Miss Ripley blown me away… hahaha! even if I have watched the whole drama in korean recently, I am still following Miss Ripley in our local tv….especially last night’s episode, the romantic proposal / PYC singing -The Empty Space For You – it’s definitely one of my favorite scenes from Miss Ripley 🙂

        OMG! I know what I am saying here is not related to this post (Yuchun at Gimpo Airport)
        미안해요… – mi-an-hae-yo. I am sorry,
        I do not know where I can share my thoughts…

        I would love to meet you abbie.gaile and other Chunsas…. I just do not know yet how can we meet….
        어떻게 만날 수 있을까요? eo-tteo-ke ma-nal su i-sul-ka-yo? how can we meet?

        there were lots of Chunsas on PYCSGFC FB page…. 🙂

        I am hoping we can meet sometime soon…. 🙂

  6. @Enyla, so you’re another diehard chunsa from the Philippines. The one who loves his “non butt” is your fellow country woman! And @Abbie is our resident poet.

    You know Korean too? Wow! That’s clever.

    If you want to share your thoughts on Yu Chun somewhere, I know the place just for you. Can you email me at yclove6002@gmail.com?

  7. @6002mydream
    I already sent you an email 🙂

    hahaha! yeah, I knew recently who loves YC’s non-butt…
    and abbie is such a very talented girl with her poems…

    yes, I know Korean language, but I am only at Beginner level…
    I only understand a little….
    but thank you anyways…

    and again yes, I am another addition to the growing population of Chunsas from the Philippines.. 🙂

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