18August2014 [FAN ACCOUNT] Recounting our JYJ Party in HK

It was two days of adrenaline rush.

A crazy weekend it has been. I only flew in to HK on sat morning after a last min decision to attend the JYJ concert.

After only a couple hour’s rest, it was time to head to the concert venue with my friends. Was super glad that both the venue and the hotel I stayed in was just beside the airport and didn’t need to rush too much. There was also almost always a black-clad security person on that floor too. (Woah)

Once in the concert venue, I realize the fans were a lot more boisterous than the Seoul bunch. They screamed, they sang and they danced along the steps! Everyone was chattering and excited.

When Yoohwan turned up, the arena exploded in screams. Felt so bad for him and his mom cos fans just surrounded them and took photos non-stop, eventually forcing him to leave the venue early. 😦

The concert itself was not a disappointment. The boys came and they serenaded the adoring crowds with the slow numbers, flirted with sexy dance moves and made every female heart beat in elation. Every time they placed their hands on a female dancer’s hips or when they gyrated, the screams were automatic. Junsu was energetic, Jaejoong was sultry and Yoochun was charming.

During their ments, everything had to be repeated through a translator. Sure, the banter wasn’t as smooth flowing as if they were in Korea or Japan, but it was still a delight to hear their interaction.

Yoochun teasing Junsu on being out late and Junsu defending hurriedly. Jaejoong grumbling about only having an airport view from his hotel room. Junsu sharing his food escapades. Everything and anything they said, fans devoured hungrily.

They said they had not been back together in HK for a long time, and they are proud to meet the fans as JYJ. That wherever they are in future, they wish the fans well. For some reason, the ending song Fallen Leaves felt very very sad, almost as if this was their last time in HK before enlistment. Foolishly, I cried when they sang, and I don’t know why lol.

We sat in our seats for a while after the show ended, unwilling to leave. On walking back to the hotel, there was a steady stream of fans. Guess many people will be looking for the boys at the hotel since Jaejoong kinda spilled the beans on where they stayed.

The hotel was a chaos. Fans milling round the lobby and going from floor too floor in search groups. The lifts were not card controlled so anyone can move around. When we got back to our floor, there were many fans and security in that floor looked a little overwhelmed at first. But they got their act together soon as more staff and security came and started chasing fans away, including those huddling in corners and at the end of the corridors.

We were dying of curiosity in our room. We couldn’t openly stand at the corridor and when we opened our door to peer out, we were asked by staff what we wanted, so we had to retreat back into our room again haha. This may sound silly but our door peep hole became our best friend that night as it gave us a window to what was happening outside. Having a view of part of the lift lobby and the corridor. Fans continued to come from the lifts and were all asked to leave. More security came, including hotel staff. The area outside our door was filled with staff and security, at least a dozen that I could count at one point of time. They stalked up and down, and clustered outside our peephole.

Eventually we knew why. Junsu walked by our door. With a huge entourage towards the lifts, he must have come back right after the concert and was in one of the rooms. With the entourage so big and the peep hole so tiny, couldn’t tell if any of the other two boys were there. Thank you Junsu for that fire engine hair lol.

Fans continued to wait at the hotel.
By then we were too pooped out to watch for their return.

It was an exciting end to our long day. It may be sapping to our pockets and our energy, but we were happy and fortunate to be able to watch the boys at the concerts. Wish you were all there too!

Credit: @pixelminor
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