15August2014 [NEWS] Film ‘Sea Fog’ Han Ye Ri addressed bed scene with Park Yoo Chun


Han Ye Ri starred in ‘Sea Fog’ mentioned about bed scene with Park Yoo Chun in the movie.

Han Ye Ri appeared on the SBS Power FM ‘Kong Hyung Jin’s Cine Town.’ “You told me that Park Yoo Chun is a friend of yours.” How could you take a bed scene with your friend?”, asked by Kong. She answered for the question “It just happened.”

Also, she commented on Park Yoo Chun that “I was very comfortable when talking to him since he’s in my age. After taking underwater scene, the crew provided us for a big bucket filled with hot water. Park Yoo Chun offered me to go in warmer side of the water. He’s a considerable and kind friend.”

‘Sea Fog’ is a film depicting ship crews’ getting into uncontrollable confusions after they let stowaways in the ship while the ship was enveloped in a sea fog.

After hearing what she said on the radio show, people have shown various response; “very much looking forward to seeing the bed scene,” “Han Ye Ri showed great performances in the movie,” and more.

Credit: Asia Today EN
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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