15August2014 [INTERVIEW] “Sea Fog” Han Yeri, the reason why she envies Yuchun?

Even among 6 men bursting energy within a tight space, actress Han Yeri was not overwhelmed. No, rather the opposite. The character Hong Mei in movie [Sea Fog] could have been used as a tool to progress the story of the 6 men but when she met Han Yeri, it felt like the role has been resuscitated and she became so vivid and real.

Han Yeri also said that she is very pleased that this female character was able to come alive. Even in the original scenario, she liked this female character Hong Mei because the role was different from those female characters who just got consumed in movies so far. And when she hears reporters saying that they only see Hong Mei in her, Han Yeri happily laughed out loud. As an actress in Korea, she hopes more scenes will be written for female roles from now.


“When I get the script for [Sea Fog], I really wanted to take on this role both because of the movie and also because of the potential sales. But more than that, it was because the character Hong Mei was written in a very colorful way. I thought it’s been a while since Korean movie has produced such a female character and as an actress would want to play this role. I hope that more scenes of female characters will appear from now.”

As the rose among thorns in [Sea Fog], Han Yeri was not overwhelmed by the men. To put this correctly, probably she didn’t want to become a baggage. In reality, she needs to act on a boat sailing on real sea, and filming was very tough with scenes like being poured lots of water all the time. Yet Han Yeri didn’t want to be a bother to the others. As the rose, one may think that she can avoid the toughness but she managed to complete filming the tough [Sea Fog] by managing her health without losing out to the men.

“The time when your acting gets affected by your physique is when you had to give up your acting skills because of poor physique. Moreover the cold water made it worst on the physique. However, I cannot allow myself to be the reason the other actors cannot continue filming, so I managed my physique like it was a matter of my life or death (laugh). I took medicine, exercised, and eat 3 meals a day (laugh).”


Han Yeri also spoke about Kim Yoon Seuk whom she acted with before, as well as touched on JYJ Yuchun. She said she envy Yuchun. It is surprising since being the rose among thorns should make her the subject of the other seniors’ pampering but instead she envied Yuchun……. When my face told her that this doesn’t make sense at all, she said that she could see Yuchun’s energy growing more gradually nurtured by the men whom he acted with, and she was jealous. Han Yeri’s face, when recalling those times, showed some loneliness as the only actress in the tough filming location of movie [Sea Fog].

“Of course there were many chances to learn through filming with the seniors, but I thought I envy Yuchun who acts as Dong Sik. I felt Yuchun’s energy grew bigger when he acted so closely with the seniors. When I saw that, I thought to myself [Aaah, this must be good]. Hong Mei was good too, but I wanted to be passionate with my seniors in that way”.

Any actress would have dreamt at least once of acting in a love story but Han Yeri has not done that before. In movie [Classmate], she had a romance with BIGBANG’s T.O.P but it was not really love. This time in [Sea Fog] can be deemed as closer to love. However, because this love blooms amidst a thriller story, Han Yeri has yet to show everyone her love. When I said “I am curious about Han Yeri’s love acting”, she laughed and said that she is also anxious about how her acting will come out. Like what she said about wanting to act in a deep love story, we may be seeing Han Yeri falling in love passionately soon.
“I think every actress dreams about being in love in a true love story (production with serious and deep contents). I still have no idea what my strengths are. I don’t want to know my strengths that fast. As an actress, I want my strengths to come out slowly, little by little”.

Source: Kstyle
Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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