14August2014 [NEWS] ‘Sea Fog’ peaking high ranking on movie ticket reservation websites

seaf20140813155105_53eb0ad93aeaa_1‘Sea Fog’ is rising hot.

Movie ‘Sea Fog’ was officially released on August 13th, and it is peaking high rankings on movie ticket reservation websites.

According to database from website ‘Max Movie,’ ‘Sea Fog’ 62% of the audiences are female, and this sales volume is much higher than that of ‘Roaring Currents,’ and ‘The Pirates.’ Many ladies are showing particularly great reactions for ‘Sea Fog’ not only because it includes lots of thrilling and suspenseful scenes, but also because it includes heartfelt romance.

This sales volume is more outstanding than any other films of this season, because this is the only ‘adults only’ rated film.

In addition, according to another website’s database, ‘Sea Fog’ received over 130 thousand mentions on various websites and SNS during last two months, which is way ahead of that of ‘Roaring Currents,’ and ‘The Pirates.’

Meanwhile, ‘Sea Fog is a movie about crews of a 69-ton fishing vessel Jeonjinho going through a series of troubles while trying to smuggle 30 illegal immigrants into Korea to earn more money.

Source: StarN
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  1. so so so…happy for seafog & Yoochun!!!! ^0^

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