12August2014[HQ PICS] Yuchun in JYJ ‘The Return of The King’ Concert in Seoul 2014 by ladyM

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Credit to ladyM

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. thank you for sharing JYJ / Yuchun’s concert pics…

    this is the first batch of Yuchun concert pics that I saw when I started to search about him and
    I was a bit surprised – literally “Yuchun surprised me”
    I mean, I am just starting to know more about him as a singer and I saw this pics, and I cannot believe at first….
    ah, this is Park Yuchun the singer! and He looks totally different from the drama where I know him… He is sooooooo full of energy, he dances gracefully, he sings with all his heart, full of emotions and he is enjoying performing on stage… and lastly I was surprised that he wears eye make-up! ….. Hahaha!
    I reminded myself that PYC is a KPOP artist who performs on stage during concerts so definitely he wears make-up!
    with that in mind, I said, its ok, I just knew the real PYC recently, so now I understand…
    I am not a KPOP fan so I did not know all these things….
    Yuchun makes me appreciate KPOP in a new perspective, and my understanding of KPOP got higher because of JYJ/DBSK…


  2. @Enyla, It’s so good to see another ardent fan of Yu Chun here. Now that you have seen the singer’s face, here’s how the singer like. Beautiful.

    • @6002mydream

      thank you for sharing this video…. Yuchun’s voice is really beautiful. I love the way he sings, full of emotions, even if the song is in japanese…. the way he delivered that song is really captivating… Yuchun’s ability to capture the listener/audience when he sings is really enchanting….

      I admire Yuchun the actor, but definitely Yuchun the singer is really amazing! and I am liking him day by day….

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