11August2014[TRANS] Park Yuchun, “Don’t see me as idol group JYJ but just as Dongshik” by (Sports Donga)

[Translator’s Note:

It simply means that he wants people to see him as Dongshik when they watch <Sea Fog>, and not Park Yuchun from JYJ**


End of July after <Sea Fog>’s VIP premier a wrap-up party followed. The casts and production crew gathered at a bar in Seoul. Park Yuchun, Kim Yunseok, Moon Seung Goon and others tipped glasses until wee hours of the morning.

“It was a peculiar feeling. The seniors said said many good words but inside, I did not feel cool.”

“It’s a heavy movie. But it’s strangely attractive. It was a desire to try and challenge and an expectation. It was fascinating to see the ways in dealing with all sorts of people within a limited space. The time of worry has passed and now that I look back, Dongshik is a limited edition which I’ve made (laughs).”

“Alchohol was also one of the characters.” Just like he (T/N: Yuchun) said, in Gyeongnam, Geoje, Masan and Yeosu, after shooting has ended, all the casts would go for a drink. “Actually the amount we drank was not much. We mainly had an everyday conversation. We naturally build our relationship. The feeling is strong even when we hear the name, Geoje.”

“For half a year, while doing <Sea Fog> the Dongshik in me comes in. That experience and feeling, no matter how you live, you will gradually get to know it in depth. “

(In saying that <Sea Fog> still had an effect on Yuchun when he moved on to film <Three Days>) Yuchun said, “I wish to do better in resembling my role.” (T/N: Because he was still influenced by <Sea Fog>)

“Try guessing the feeling of people who went through hardships. I also tried to imagine that emotion while filming. Though it was an unrealistic story, like Avengers an imaginary situation can also be appealing. It is amazing that the audience can accept it as if it’s reality.”

(Yuchun was asked to pick one popular character from Marvel Studio like <Iron Man> and <Spiderman>) “It would be great if my real face is shown the least,” he said.

“Seems like the public wants to see an actor through a figure which they wish to see. It was not easy for me to overcome that image. I am still in progress of doing that. I just want Dongshik to take over and I hope the audience will look at Dongshik.”

“I am already missing the filming site,” Yuchun says.

[Translator’s Note: Only Yuchun’s words were translated. As usual, other details in the article are repetitive and can be found in other recently translated articles. ]

Source by Sports Donga

Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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