11August2014 [TRANS] Excerpt from Cine21 Interview: Filming in the Water

cine21-intFilming in the water: “The water was really indescribably cold. Had to overcome the waves in heavy clothes. There was this moment of fear when my hands and feet went numb and I could not breathe. In the end, someone had to pull me up. I did not even bother about expressions anymore. I wanted to quickly rescue Hongmae, quickly get out of here and complete filming.”

Personally, can you swim? Director Shim thought you were not good in swimming and felt guilty for making you swim. Yuchun, “That’s because I told him that I’m not that good in swimming. I was afraid he’ll make me swim a lot (laughs). I actually love to swim. To the extent that once I get into the water, I refuse to come back up.”

Translated from Chinese to English.
Chinese translations cr 暖日呀呀
English translations by: yochwennie
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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