06August2014[TRANS] Excerpt from Yuchun’s Interview with TV Daily


“I do not have a competitive spirit. Sea Fog itself is good and being evident that it is a good movie, that alone is enough.

Though I was a part of a good movie, I do not care much about whether it can satisfy people or not. Of course I’m concerned whether it’s good or not.”

When asked if Choi Minsik had any advice for him, he said, “When filming Sea Fog halfway, I met up with Minsik-hyungnim at the year-end party.

He asked me how was have already been filmed. He joked that if it’s halfway then it’s okay to stop and joked that I should stop now. Since filming was done at sea and it’s difficult, he gave me a glass of beer to console me.”

Park Yuchun, “It was really good. Because he’s a warm person, words from him give me strength.

Even at the VIP premier of The Face Reader Minsik-hyungnim said to me ‘You must have gone through a lot from your first movie.

It’s not an easy film.’ ” Yuchun added that Choi Minsik told him, ‘Personally when filming Roaring Current I felt like I was going to die.’ “

Source by TV Dairy

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Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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