06August2014[NEWS] Songs by JYJ Deemed Unfit for Broadcast by KBS


KBS has announced the list of recently released songs that failed to satisfy the broadcast company’s criteria.

According to the results revealed on August 6, the banned songs include JYJ‘s “Just Us” and “Back Seat” from their second album, HyunA‘s “Blacklist” and “French Kiss” from her third solo album, and HA:TFELT‘s “Bond” from her first solo album. Overall, 14 tracks were deemed unsuitable for broadcast.

The lyrics of JYJ’s “Back Seat” were considered to be sexually suggestive, with the line “Put you on my back seat” referring to a possible relationship between a man and a woman.

[Note: Parts unrelated to JYJ omitted]

[Additional Info]
– C-JeS: “we are considering making changes to the lyrics but we haven’t made a final decision due to concerns that changes would alter the original meaning of the songs”
– C-JeS: “if there’s possibility of damaging the original intent of the song from the changes, we will not make modifications to the lyrics”
[Info via @inheaven_wJYJ]

Credit to Soompi

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