5 Aug 2014 [PICS] Yoochun Press Photos in Sports Chosun & My Daily

20140805163716590 20140805163814115 20140805163814770 20140805163815786 20140805163816184 20140805163816644 20140805163817097 20140805163818249 20140805163818623 20140805163910461 20140805163911095 20140805163911668 20140805163912080 20140805163912591md671f4973gw1ej1oko5oiwj20eg098mxv md671f4973gw1ej1okqcywdj20eg09ggmg md671f4973gw1ej1okrqjahj20ci0hugna md671f4973gw1ej1okteig3j20ci0jedho

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  1. Reblogged this on Cassiopeia By Heart and commented:
    My unfailing Love for you ❤

  2. Is it just me?But I find his image changes immediately the moment his hair is up or down . From chic to boyish.

    Easy to cast him as long lost twins with contrasting backgrounds in same drama.

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