05August2014 [TRANS] Yuchun Talks About Military Service and Solo Album in His Interview

11c746164268419293ec1e5ff7b129a7[Talking about the obligatory military service in YC’s interview-Full Trans]

You have the age to think about the obligatory military service. Do you have any fear against the periods of blank?

– Because I don’t work alone, I have the JYJ’s members.. So I can’t make a decision as I like. The exact periods will be decided after talking with company. I have no fear against the life in the military service but.. I have it a little against the periods of blank. I’d like not to be hasty and greedy when I come back after finishing it. I think.. although I would not be a lead role, I’ll be thankful to appear it if I can meet the nice drama or film. I could feel free and easy since I thought like that. I won’t quit this after working for only several years so I think it would be better chance to start slowly with keeping my composure after comeback.

8024b83b4bc84c1f8ad0cc3903b5f493[Talking about the YC’s solo album in YC’s interview-Full Trans]

Only you didn’t make solo album in JYJ. Now you seem to prefer to act than to sing.

-Actually, Yes.. I also wanted to make my solo album. And people around me and my company also recommend to make it so I prepared it last year but I thought.. ‘If I make it like this, it would be the same with others’. So I quitted it. I can make the album as JYJ so I almost gave up to make it. Honestly, I wanted to act more. Since I did ‘Rooftop Prince(2012)’, I wanna know more about the acting. Nowadays, it’s so fun to watch the various acting expressions of other actors’ when I enjoy watching the drama or movie… Sometimes I copied their acting and thought.. how I can make the character if I act it.. Acting is so fun.

Translations by: @theyoungestmin (1,2)
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