03August2014[TRANS] Han Yeri mentions Yuchun in her BARZA interview (August 2014 issue)


I took time to absorb opinions on acting but he (Yuchun) absorbs quickly. He is good in concentrating while acting so it was easy to get into the emotions for each scene when filming together with him. Because he is a guy, he was in tune with the seniors. His improvement in acting was visible. Though I may not say it, but I actually envy him on the inside.

Source by 暖日呀呀
Translated by @yochwennie
Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. “Because he is a guy, he was in tune with the seniors.” – Well, not exactly I think. I would say it was because of his very warm personality, his deep-rooted respect and genuine admiration for his seniors that he got on really well with them. And no senior, be it male or female, could resist his adorableness. 😉

  2. @Chunworm, you know him better than Han Ye Ri. But of course, she has no reason to research on him like you do as a chunsa. Ha ha!

    I am just wondering what she meant by his acting has improved. Is it over the course of 5 dramas or just in Sea Fog alone?

    • @6002mydream, haha you got me there!

      “…his acting has improved.” I think she meant in Sea Fog alone. He grew into the role I guess. Even the great Bong Joon Ho said ‘Dong Shik started becoming cuter and more lovely in the monitor.” They all saw it. Sigh, how I long to see this film in the big screen. 😦

  3. @Chunworm, my heart goes out to you. 🙂 When I watch him on the big screen in S’pore ,I will surely think of you when he is rocking in the sea with Han Ye Ri.

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