03August2014[PRESS PICS] Yuchun in JYJ’s Membership Week – Fanmeeting & Showcase


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0389604341 0389604351 1407058904_741345 140705927954_1_185903 1407057887598_1_184257 1407058942700_2_185530 1407059486928_1_185951 1407059488477_2_190004 2014080319141498441_20140803191854_1 BuG3aLNCAAAcTBu BuGc7AiCYAAR4Xy.jpg~original BuGd_42CYAALSrV.jpg~original BuGeOluIQAA36Tn.jpg~original BuGmYK5IgAELPWL254705_7556_3416 171038745cdefb26ddad0ba45422ae8a 0389604171 0389604181 1407058984_741346 20140803190145108 BuG6KJOCQAAM97h BuG8Uz8CcAAKFva BuGcwbJCAAAtBpC.jpg~original BuGgsOJCAAAXuHA.jpg~original BuGiebcCYAIoDT7.jpg~original BuGkPa2CUAEqqvA.jpg~original BuGkPXSCYAI6iqf.jpg~original BuGnolNCIAEjpzo BuGnorvCAAIyXWz BuGnovECYAAMk31 BuGoYo5CcAAmeQP BuGpgW0CQAAQEJj BuGrGlECQAElgYY BuGrntqCMAAit2i

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  1. Isn’t also good, if there is no blocking/strips? 🙂 hey! I’m tripping sorry 😦

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