13June2014 [TRANS/NEWS] Press Conference of Park YuChun’s Guangzhou Fanmeeting

14026492572080001 14026492663030001 14026492754500001A member of Korean group JYJ, popular actor and singer Park YuChun’s “Housewarming Party” Guangzhou fanmeeting will be held on the 14th night at Guangzhou Gymnasium. On the afternoon of the 13th, Park YuChun together with Korean female singer Gummy, Park JiYeon, headed earlier to Guangzhou for press conference to promote for his coming fanmeeting.

Park YuChun mentioned that Guangzhou’s fanmeeting theme will be based on “party for moving into new house” concept. By then, the stage will be decorated into a heartwarming room and Park YuChun will appear as the host of his “house” and prepare lunch boxes to serve lucky fans. He also will be presenting a brand new Chinese song that he learnt. Besides that, organizer has arranged a “fans’ mrssage area” at the corridor of the gymnasium, collecting fans’ questions and requests towards Park YuChun. Park YuChun will also become “intimate YuChun” by personally choosing some of the questions and answer them on the spot on the stage.

This is the second time YuChun coming to Guangzhou. He admitted that he wanted to try the street snacks of Guangzhou. He also highly praised the fans of Guangzhou for being very passionate. He revealed that after this his movie with Korean director Bong Joon Ho will be out. At the same time he also wished to have the opportunity to appear in Chinese movie production. It was reported that R&B female singer Gummy Park JiYeon who has the title of “queen of OST” will also be appearing in Park YuChun’s fanmeeting on the 14th night. Previously, Park JiYeon has collaborated with JYJ’s member Kim Junsu, Kim JaeJoong in music making. In her newly released mini-album, she invited Park YuChun to collaborate with her in her own composed song <Let’s Play>. She was being asked about her evaluation towards the 3 singers. Gummy Park Jiyeon joked that the 3 of them are very outstanding singers by stating “YuChun is very warmhearted, JaeJoong is very cool and Junsu is very beautiful. Their music make people feel exactly the same too.” (Reported by 黄岸, Picture by 邵权达)

Credit to GuangZhou Daily

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English Translated & Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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