15February2014 [HD SCAN] Rooftop Prince Special Edition OST

img001 img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007 img008 img009 img010 img011 img012 img013 img014Credit: _126002_

Shared By: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. OMG I love these pics and I really miss Yoochun’s hair and his look here, so cute and handsome. Makes me want to watch Rooftop Prince again. 😄

  2. They look good together.. (“,) YuChun is very handsome and Han Ji Min is very beautiful.. they really match.. (“,)

    @shupagirl… i think i’m gonna watch Rooftop Prince again.. (“,) wanna watch it together?? (“,)

    with much love..

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