After “Missing You” ended January of this year and after going through a long wait, the good news of a new work has finally arrived and Park Yuchun’s big screen debut movie is finally settled.

It was confirmed that Sim Sung-Bo will be the director and Bong Joon Ho will be the producer of the film “Sea Fog”. In this film, he will be acting with South Korean’s veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok. It’s Yuchun’s first time into the big screen and he’s working with a powerful team in a huge production. 

To start off in that manner is the dream of many actors. I believe our Yuchun will surely benefit from this. Also, this movie will leave a perfect mark as part of his success in the film industry.


The movie “Sea Fog” is based on the 2007 stage play of the same name and is about the story of sea crews dealing with stowaways in the vast open sea. The script itself contains a great deal of tragic and dramatic conflicts.

After the premiere of the play, because of the solid script and the brilliant performances of the actors, the stage play received great success, making it a widely loved stage play masterpiece.

There was news that Director Bong Joon Ho started to show keen interest with “Sea Fog” during the premiere of the stage play. We can see that Director Bong’s plan on setting up the team for filming “Sea Fog” is not a sudden idea.

Director Bong Joon Ho recently said a very famous line, “I want to film a movie that I want to see, but there’s nobody who will film it for me, so I have to film it myself.” I believe “Sea Fog” is one of those movies he would want to see and therefore, has invested a great deal of effort and enthusiasm in this film.

He is even personally involved in the casting. With the original stage play as the basis, and the strong production team, I believe the film version of “Sea Fog” will live up to expectations.


Producer Bong Joon Ho together with Park Chan Wook, Kim Jee Woon, and Choi Dong Hoon have all been termed by media in South Korea as “Chungmuro F4”.

He is recognized as South Korea’s leading director and the films he directed are considered artistic. Early on, he’s already considered as a blockbuster and an award-winning director.

And his films are equally considered as box-office hits.  In 2006, his directed film “The Host” created a box-office record with 13 million tickets sold. And until now, nobody has broken that said record. Currently, his 2013 directed film “Snowpiercer” has exceeded 800 million tickets sold 19 days after it was released.

Last year in “Chosun Ilbo” and South Korea’s movie ticket pre-selling website, Maxmovie’s, “2012 Korean Film Index” Internet survey, Bong Joon Ho placed first in “Best Korean Director” with 19.8% votes. 

This goes to show Bong Joon Ho’s evident position in the Korean film industry.


He’s probably a stranger to a lot of people, but he is quite famous. In 2003 he was the screenwriter of Director Bong Joon Ho’s “Memories of Murder”.  And this made Bong Joon Ho’s blockbuster movie earn high ratings.

Also a film critic regarded the movie as “the most beautiful South Korean film in history”, “a film with no shortcomings”. Also, the film “Memories of Murder” has received countless awards.

(in picture: movie poster of “Memories of Murder”)



“Sea Fog” will be Sim Sung-Bo’s directing debut. Also, this will be the first movie to be produced by Bong Joon Ho. And both have shown their dedications as their first.

Their years of partnership following “Memories of Murder” will make people look forward as to what kind of work they will produce together.

A lot of people do not understand the role and importance of a producer of a film. In the film industry’s most successful Hollywood, they continuously carry out the “producer center system”.

Being in a core position, the role of a producer exceeds that of a director and that of any famous actors. ”Executive Producer” is a central role in the film industry that is unknown to many. He is responsible in the planning and in the daily operations of the film.

Regarding the role of a producer, someone described it as, “he usually represents the producer or the corporate producer and is responsible for the film crew’s total budget spending and for the daily shooting schedule.”

At the same time, he helps the director in arranging the daily affairs of shooting a film. For the film crews, the producer and the director are often in contradiction.

They are often in opposition to each other due to differences in opinions and their refusal to give in to each other’s ideas. And only after the film is finished will they be able to make peace with each other and shake hands.

For the cast, the director and the producer are the two centers of authority. Finding the balance between the artistic effect and the business interest of the film is the responsibility of the producer.


Park Yuchun’s role in “Sea Fog” will be the young crew, Dong Shik, who opposes with ship Captain Kim Yoon Seok. “Dong Shik” is an attractive role that many 20 to 30 year old actors aspire to portray.

And finally, after beating the other candidates, Park Yuchun got the role. In the film, Dong Shik protects the woman he loves til the end. In the stage play version, Dong Shik is a very important character. With “Sea Fog’s” dark and tragic storyline, Dong Shik’s character will shed some light and brighten up the story.

(in picture: stage play poster of Dong Shik who will have a “Loveline” with a female stowaway)


Currently, it was decided that famous veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok will also cast in “Sea Fog”. This Chungmuro representative is admired and respected by a lot of people.

In 2010, during Park Yuchun’s “Sungkyungkwan Scandal’s” conference, he was asked, “Who is your role model in acting?” With that, he answered, “Veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok in the film “The Chaser” is very cool and I wanted him to be my role model in acting.”

As for veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok, he has always showed keen interest in Park Yuchun. In 2011, there was news that the first choice in the casting of the film “Punch” was Park Yuchun and Kim Yoon Seok feels very positive on Yuchun’s casting performance.

Although he was not able to act together with Kim Yoon Seok in the film “Punch” due to varied reasons, but this time, “Sea Fog” made it possible for them to work together. I believe it will be very pleasant. Let’s look forward to their movie together. I believe a good acting partner can stimulate a better performance.


For “Sea Fog’s” participants, not only it is Yuchun’s movie debut, not only it is a big production, but most importantly, having to work with a powerful team will undoubtedly have endless benefits. Park Yuchun as Chungmuro’s newcomer and being able to work and accept supervision and guidance from one of the finest directors, Bong Joon Ho, for his debut movie is exactly what he needed.

Also, working together with an excellent team will greatly broaden one’s horizon and will help facilitate one’s personal growth.

Director Bong Joon Ho has also the habit of using the same actor. Some examples are Song Kang Ho (for “Memories of Murder”, “The Host”, and “Snowpiercer”), Park Hae Il (for “Memories of Murder” and “The Host”), Go Ah Sung (for “The Host” and “Snowpiercer”), and others.

I believe our Yuchun will work hard to show his best acting.

(the photos below are some of Dong Shik’s scenes from the stage play “Sea Fog”)







Source:  百度朴有天吧  去走五里路

English Translated and Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. but. who will role the woman who loved by dong shik???
    uhh.. I think Han Ji Min is good.. I like this couple.. miss them.. 🙂

  2. @ani_chunnie

    Ya, … i hope so …

    yoochun, fighting ! jimin , fighting ^____________^

  3. This news sounds so good, I could cry. Hey! What’s happening here. It used to be Yu Chun who broke down easily and cried in his DBSK days, Why have I taken over his place?

    It seems like whenever any good news on Yu Chun reaches me, I am so thankful, ever so grateful to God for answering prayers. Yu Chun deserves success in whatever he does as he is quite the consummate perfectionist professional. Don’t be taken in by his public personna as a laid back , devil-may-care guy. He is one serious actor who must have rejected a lot of other offers just to wait for the best one to come along.

    For too long, he has rejected roles in works that turned out to be huge successes. For instance, “The Moon that embraces the sun” that had over 40% viewership and made Kim Soo Hyun a household name. And the movie “Punch”. But I love the way he answered when reminded of his misses which would have added to his trophies. He said if he has taken on those roles offered , the projects may have turned out otherwise. Such a sweet, humble guy. Who can find?

    This time round, “Sea Fog” has to be his debut movie that breaks record in S Korea movie history.

  4. Why have I taken over his place to cry for him? Yes, I thought that many times too. And why do I care about him from the bottom of my heart? A mysterious and very real connection as people.

    Now I understand why the JYJ album was put on the back burner. This looks like the opportunity of a lifetime, on such a grand scale.

  5. HJM is the best choice to act with PYC, they match so well no matter where, when and how. can’t figure out any other candidates.

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