13Jan2013 [Biography] Why this number, 6002?


Why 6002?

When Yuchun had a twitter account, the twitter name he chose for himself was “6002theMicky”. Since then, 6002 is always used to refer to him. Why did Yuchun use this number? Many chunsas may not know. Yuchun has explained before, that it is because “six thousand two” when said in Korean sounds like his name “Yuchunnie”.

Time for another Korean lesson.^^

Koreans like to add the “ee” sound at the end of names to make it sound more endearing when they call that person. So Yuchun is sometimes called Yuchunnie. (The “ee” vowel ‘이’ is also a subject marker in a Korean sentence.)

6002 is a Sino-Korean number; Chinese characters: 六千二 (there is a similarity to the Chinese sounds)

Six thousand two = 육 천 이 = yook-chon-ee
———-Yuchunnie = 유 천 이 = yoo-chon-ee

So you see, the two are very similar.
When spoken, the sounds are linked together and “chon-ee” becomes “chon-nee”.
Yuchunnie= yoo-chonnee

The romanisation of his name as “Yuchun” is actually very misleading because the first vowel of his name is totally different from the second vowel but they are both represented by the letter “u”! This is because our English alphabet cannot fully represent all the vowel sounds in Korean. If you have not seen our post on how to say “Yuchun”, please see HERE:

Like I said in my first Korean lesson, Yuchun should rhyme with “you John”. So Yuchunnie would be like “you Johnny”!!! hahaha…… now isn’t that easy to remember?
Ok now time to practise. Say one hundred times: “Yuchunnie (yoo-chonnee), sarang hae!!!”

Below are some photos with 6002.


A tweet mentioning Yuchun and Jaejoong. When Yuchun explained 6002, he also explained JJ’s twitter name, mjjeje.
m= micky Yuchun; j= junsu; jeje= JJ himself
But JJ’s account was hacked into recently and he closed it. His new name, bornfreeonekiss, is from his new song.data:text/mce-internal,


Yuchun’s Ferrari, license plate with his number. (used to be red, colour changed to white last August)





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By melodysky
Shared by Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub

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  1. B6002PYC,jakarta plate number..love that,.☺ Ʈƕǎƞƙ ƴǒǘ ☺ ({}) admin 4 sharring..I never know what means PYC fav number 6002..

  2. Thanks, little by little I learn Korean for all your information that you post here…

  3. @Melodysky,you rock ,girl! More, more, please !

  4. Thank you, everybody. Glad you enjoyed my post! Love sharing about Yuchunnie. ^^

  5. I always wondered about the significance of number 6002 also. Thanks so much for solving the mystery for me! =)

  6. Wow! thank you very much admin. I learned a lot from you especially about Yoochun oppa 🙂

  7. love that car,,, his girl will be so lucky riding together with him…(i hope it will be me … hahahah)no kidiing…:)

  8. Haaa!! Now i know what 6002 means.. B 6002 PYC i was thinking have that plat number too.. It’s from Jakarta Indonesia. Probably i’ll go with another area’s code 🙂

  9. Kyaaa jakarta plate number,, i want toooo

  10. ” Ok now time to practise. Say one hundred times: “Yuchunnie (yoo-chonnee), sarang hae!!!”

    I laugh hard at this :DDDDDD

  11. Hi everybody! Thank you for your comments! Glad you enjoyed this post. I had fun doing it too, haha….. Hope to hear from all of you on other posts too! Come and share more often!
    So, it’s a Jakarta Indonesian license plate. Thanks for the info!

  12. @melodysky: Now I know! Thanks for all the Korean lessons and for sharing these details. You really feel for all of us esp. new Chunsas like me. 😉

  13. what is his real twitter name? I’m so confused with all the similar twitter names with his @_@

    • I am confused by your question. I thought I stated very clearly above that his twitter name was 6002theMicky. But he has no more twitter now. He closed it on 1 Aug 2012.

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  15. Yoochun the best aktor and similiar with park shin hye
    Always winner at baeksang award

  16. I love yoochun acting, good personality, always love familly…saranghae yoochun

  17. Thanks fir your information..^^

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